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Voice doing itchs and accompanying cough, this kind of symptom is the most incidental when Qiu Dong is seasonal, weather is very dry when Qiu Dong is seasonal, it is particularly easy appear the season of afore-mentioned symptoms, be aimed at this problem, must drink water more above all, must do work of good heat preservation additionally, want to rest more namely next, ten million cannot excessive overworked, on this foundation, still can adopt these following settlement measure.

How does throat lonely itch cough does?

How does throat lonely itch cough does?

Northward weather is drier, cause respiratory tract disease the most easily. Adult child is the commonnest is voice afflictive, by chill perhaps the metropolis such as inflammation get angry causes the upper respiratory tract to work urticant, coughed again a bit badlier even namely. Lung heats up cough to have phlegmy do not cough, had disappeared very for long. ThatForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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how does voice doing itch cough does?

Voice doing itchs how cough does

Consider sore throat to cause, commonly used and discrepant content feeling, scratchy hair dry, glowing, pharynx is painful, cough, phlegmy cough much more not easily to wait for a symptom completely. Because taste empty, deficiency of yin with irritability is caused,pharyngitis is, much at ordinary times bubble some gentle tangerine berry tea (licorice of fruit of arhat of lily the seed of boat-fruited sterculia) drink, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid raise shade, be good at taste, relieve a cough expectorant, clear heat is alexipharmic, clear advantage is guttural, from function of essential recuperation internal organs of the body. Chronic pharyngitis should food is delicate, do not eat stoutly acrimony excitant food, unfavorable stay up late, avoid smoke alcoholic drink, lest exciting pharynx and larynx causes an illness,accentuate or have a relapse instead.

How does throat lonely itch cough does?

Cough pharyngitis patient should notice at ordinary times what

1, can choose honeysuckle at ordinary times, the seed of boat-fruited sterculia, the drink of bubble water acting tea such as the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, drink warm boiled water more, do not stay up late assure Morpheus; MuchA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Eat delicate meal, do not eatShanghai Long Feng forum

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Deepfry, barbecue, acrimony, excitant food; Eat a few fresh fruits more, be like watermelon, loquat, xue Li, fig. Voice doing is urticant the thing that must not have acrimony suffer from excessive internal heat.

2, should notice to reduce dust stimulation additionally, correct the undesirable habit that dehisce breathes.

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3, should strengthen the body to take exercise, do athletic sports more, OK and proper climb more climb, able-bodied physique, have a healthy body, be infection of precautionary respiratory tract is essential; Maintain indoor and proper temperature and humidity, room a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces avoids too dry.

How does throat lonely itch cough does?

4, the air with much fresh breath, and the attention is not by the side of the driveway or the place with great soot has violent campaign. Acuteness games aggravate breathes, the sand and dust of engulf also increases greatly, of throat of pharynx of very easy aggravate uncomfortable. Can go fairForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Garden or zoology forest the place with wait for air good goes, take a walk, breath breathes fresh air.

Voice is afflictive the first reaction is to drink plain boiled water more for certain, no matter be,caught a cold suffer from excessive internal heat drinking water more is beneficial hurtless. Judging his first is irritability next again suit the remedy to the case. Summer is not had an insatiable desire for cool, eat refrigerant food too much, the time that cannot stay in air conditioning house is too long, temperatureShanghai night net

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What do not leave is too low, should not blow continuously in blast tuyere more, food wants delicate.

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