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Article introduction

Delivery process is a mother not just child restful, it is placenta also wants more complete from break away from among the mother’s body come out, the placenta that always has a few mother cannot labor thoroughly, a few organizations are in the rest among the uterus, as time passes is affected easily, can pose the problem of a few inflammation even, the right kind that so placental childbirth comes out should give everybody introduction, also want to know how ability faces placental remain correctly additionally.

 The way that placental childbirth gives

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Remain about placenta

Below normal circumstance, the puerpera of natural childbirth gives the 5-15 after in fetal childbirth the placenta inside minute will from produce complete childbirth to go out, most be later than the childbirth inside 30 minutes to go out. Be like placenta notA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Be produced by complete childbirth outside Fu body, still the part organizes keep at puerpera uterus interior, say remain for postpartum placenta.

The harm of placental remain

The 3rd in producing Cheng, body of the uterus after placental and normal childbirth goes out is apparently contractible, the uterus reachs oppressive and hemostatic action since muscle systole. When placental remain, uterine systole is restricted, antrum of blood of placental and adherent place is open, cause when producing, flooding.

If placenta remains to grow too in the time inside palace antrum, placental organization of remain can produce metamorphic, necrotic, machine to change, form placental polyp, when necrotic organization falls off, make placental base ministry hemal expose and cause massive haemorrhage. So, placental remain also is one of main reasons that cause terminal flooding.

 The way that placental childbirth gives

In addition, the odds that placental remain makes puerperium is affected increases, aggravating patient patient’s condition. Its are clinical expression can is durative a few vaginas bleed, can bleed repeatedly, OK also one-time many haemorrhage. Placental remain is affected badly not only postpartum restore, increase puerpera anguish, to its life quality causes serious and undesirable effect.

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The diagnosis of placental remain

Placental remain is clinical expression is different, light person can behave send sexual anaemia with afterwards to a few postpartum vagina discontinuity is paroxysmal perhaps bloodshed, check body to be able to discover palace is neck molten, flabby, increscent uterine molten, uterine restoration or revival of old ways is bad, abdominal tenderness is apparent below the person that affect inside palace antrum, be in a bad way person can browbeat because of massive haemorrhage life is safe. Placental remain is faced1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Be leaked easily examine.

 The way that placental childbirth gives

B exceeds an examination to have greater diagnostic sense and value. When placental remain, the main performance that B exceeds an examination is palace spot of few and far between sporadic, facula is seen inside antrum or the light with disparate configuration is round, the intensity of smooth round echo, size, appearance, position reachs his because of the property of the hangover inside palace antrum necrotic level is different.

Placental remain should be mixed placental adhesion, placenta is embedded and disease of intermediate alimentary cell undertakes differentiating. Placental and embedded exceed in B with placental remain go up differentiating a point basically is: Dou Shu measures the blood inside placenta, whether to put in the clearance after placenta, the ply that placenta cultivates layer is in flesh and complete, and cystic uterus defect is sunken complete wait.

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