Guess a few kinds of Ren Tiantang announced conduit to be versed in Maliao is all obscure the identity

2017, held the post of heaven official net to update part introduction of Maliao, show in the webpage ” Maliao is a conduit was versed in only no longer ” , the intense discussion that what caused netizens immediately, although government-owned network has altered professional introduction of Maliao into now ” Maliao is a conduit, but he is very active also in other industry ” , then netizen and players began pair of Maliao again occupational is intense discuss. Although this discusses to end already, but network media news analyst of Japan people discussing more detail now — professional amount of Maliao. According to Ren Tiantang’s view, maliao shared 7 works formally, specific as follows: · plumber Doctor · · racing bicycle · wushu home · profession baseball athlete · football athlete · basketball athlete of course, the game that 7 all position consulted Maliao appears and derive work, for instance ” Maliao cycle racing 8 ” luxurious edition and ” Maliao tennis Ace ” . How does abstruse pink look to 7 kinds of professions of Maliao in each horse? Are 7 kinds of professions too much to him?

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