Code name ” update 4 ” ” battleground 5 ” the tide to the war the 2nd chapter has updating

DICE atelier will be right ” battleground 5 ” current the 2nd rule of the war ” blitz ” undertake be updatinged in a small way, they call this newlier ” update 4 ” . Before be being compared large-scale update, this second did not increase new function newlier, pay attention to the game at promoting a player to experience more however. Although update without what outstanding new content this, but had repair to the Bug of a few first step. In addition, they still were aimed at the balance sex of game to undertake adjustment, included to be improved to of canister gun among them. DICE atelier is in statement say: “This is update in a small way in the light of what game experiences, because we want,solve the opinion that community place offers as soon as possible. We handled the issue that twinkles when team deploy in be updated this, still undertook buildup to canister gun, also make every player can win the gold coin of true measure when the match ends, and the stability of game also got promotion. ” place of DICE of no less than says, the scale that updates this is not large really, mix in firearms hold a respect they basically had promotion in the light of canister gun. According to the view of DICE, they feel canister gun and SMG photograph to be in inferior position than be on close quarters fire, accordingly they increased canister gun fall play distance and ammo harm. In the meantime, the greatest harm promoted the cartridge of 12g automatic musket and M1897 20% , m30 is a bit a few lower, promoted 10-15% . In addition, the problem that the interface when team deploy twinkles got settlement, the gold coin number that the player when the match ends acquires also can show correct. DICE returns repair the BUG with the lower than whack harm that shoot a gun comes loose in edition of sport lead plane. And, a few Bug that appear in couplet collaboration battle and training mode, story mode also won’t exist after update. Do not know ” battleground 5 ” the tide in this war experiences players mediumly how, update this should can let you play more readily.

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