” boast on the west ” woman player occupies than tall ” Bao Kemeng: Sword / aegis ” heavy portable sex

Ren Tiantang is newest many information were mentioned in released financial forms for reporting statistics, have among them very interesting, say relatively the game at other Switch platform, end issued in March ” boast the manual world on the west ” having higher woman player proportion. ” boast the manual world on the west ” be ” boast the Mao Rongshi bound on the west ” add is made, leading role serves as in order to boast on the west, the player can use credit the egg on the west, boast is guided in the toll-gate of elaborate design break through a tight encirclement on the west. Should make a hair 3 days sales volume also is broken through 1 million, the public praise in the player is returned generally pretty good (IGN gives a mark 7.8; Japanese Fami is connected judge 37 minutes to enter platinic hall) . In in holding the post of heaven to sign up for in money additionally, earlying childhood to developing ” demon Bao Kemeng: Sword / aegis ” , indicate the portable gender that can pay attention to this one game more. The Switch that Ren Tiantang and Bao Kemeng announced on Feburary 27 ” demon Bao Kemeng: Sword / aegis ” swim newly to suffer player attention to expect fully, it is reported, the area of game set carves Er district for gal, on this area, the mankind and Bao Kemeng live jointly. 3 of this second game initiative Bao Kemeng are phlogistic hare respectively, tearful eyes Xi, knock phonic monkey, support Jianfan Chinese. ” demon Bao Kemeng: Sword / aegis ” predict to will be in global area Autumn 2019 synchronism is rolled out, expect please!

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