” Apex hero ” plan of the 2nd sports season: The map is newer, improve battle pass

It is after success head hair, ” Apex hero ” heat is in recently inside a few weeks fast subsidise, a lot of people think because lack charming new content to bring about,this is. Nevertheless, vince Zampella of renascence recreation author insists to use as before seasonal newer, is not to be updated every week. At the same time Vince returned faint criticism ” the night of fort ” development business Epic Games is excessive compress the problem of employee, say oneself do not want to make a group excessive overworked, can reduce the work efficiency of the group thereby. Afterwards of Zampella after making known one’s position, drew McCoy of renascence recreation producer released a more detailed rich customer in EA official net today, explained atelier future is right in detail ” Apex hero ” plan. It is to hold to frequency like McCoy and Zampella lower update, but can assure to update more significant. According to McCoy, ” Apex hero ” the 2nd sports season will bring a new hero, new weapon, undertake updating to kingly gorge map. First battle pass is mirrorred in a lot of players ” dull ” later, mcCoy acceptance ” Apex hero ” next battle pass will collect more ” significant content ” . McCoy expresses ” Apex hero ” every sports season in the future can bring new battle passport, new hero and more and other content. Besides, whole sports season can accompany repair flaw, sex of the balance that make alters, smash Bug and join small function. He says the 2nd sports season will have more ” significant content, new hero, the map is newer and of new weapon come on stage first ” . Because be being developed all the time ” Apex hero ” , still have in addition be in surely this year on November 15 of put on sale ” strategic defense initiative absolutely: The cavalier of fall from the sky is round ” , after renascence recreation has been delayed temporarily future ” Tai Tan fall from the sky ” the development of game. In addition McCoy still affirms ” Apex hero ” and ” astral battle ” development group is nonexistent mutual between the circumstance that takes out development hand to help each other. Before the 2nd sports season comes, renascence recreation will be dedicated the problem at repair game, include the server of game, hang outside blow, sound problem, register an issue. ” Apex hero ” the 2nd sports season is announced on the EA Play activity that more detail will hold June.

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