Make newly gloriously ” the refine metalworking room of Lai Sha ” today autumn detailed information announces game of put on sale

The GUST below glorious banner ” refine metalworking room ” series is made newly ” the ~ of refine metalworking room of Lai Sha constant dark queen and secret burrow ~ ” the detailed information that just published game, the government weighs this game general this year (2019) autumn put on sale, land Switch/PS4/PC (Steam) platform. Cut of glory small gain pursues: Game brief introduction: Everybody all has the special memory that experiences jointly with the good friend in the heart. This is the old practice that a still minor boy girls search the thing that has great sense to oneself. Setting introduction: This making acceded ” refine metalworking room ” the dreamland with peculiar series behaves gimmick, added the new element that behaves natural light shadow adequately again at the same time, brand-new picture of game of expressional hand law takes on an entirely new look. Welcome to what can experience smooth shadow irregular change and world breath ” refine metalworking room ” new world! Game system: Concoctive system: Concoctive system makes developmental edition the fun that the player experiences development recipe more deeply, the in addition brand-new system that make also will come on stage! Warfare system: Have do not make at the bout of all along, the player can enjoy the battle of nervous stimulation adequately! Collect a system: Collect by passivity turn into to be collected actively, collect a tool to differ, get prop to be able to change subsequently, collect a system to also make a person find everything new and fresh! Heroine introduction: Laishalin Situote (Lai Sha) (CV: り of ゆ of の ぐ ち ) , ordinary girl, without the feature namely its feature. Freedom is bold and unrestrained, show the nature that the boy enrages slightly. Extremely rich sense of justice, right to thinking oneself thing does not compromise easily. Because meet unexpectedly some, begin change ordinarily eventually daily… official game shows a picture: Hypostatic edition cover: Play and character design: ” the ~ of refine metalworking room of Lai Sha constant dark queen and secret burrow ~ ” this game supports Chinese, predict today city of face of Qiu Zheng type, other information remains the government is announced further. Like ” refine metalworking room ” the player friends of series do not miss this game. “Adieu, refine metalworking room. This adventure, lifetime and unforgettable. Lifetime and unforgettable..

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