Does Spanish website divulge Yamaxun ” corpse army 4: ?  of fatigue revive straw?

Did front row of the day on Spanish website give Yamaxun ” corpse army 4: ? Suck of Juan of humorous of pond of Piao of Kang of A of two of  of fatigue revive straw sunlights reach?PlayStation 4, Xbox One) and collect edition (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) . Come from Yamaxun the introduction of Spanish website: If you think you are safe, that is off base. Now is 1946. A remains of European, by evil ” Z plans ” be controlled. A flock of brave heroes go all out do one’s best beat head of state, but they still do not know, hope to strap army to will review with more formidable battle array especially. Night is faced below single person mode, perhaps mix good friend together, the player can be in this ” be haunted ” the antagonism in shooting play ” not dead Nazi ” . The key is characteristic: The weapon of the epic level of · of brand-new and terrible toll-gate that · can experience for 1-4 renown player, skill and improve · throughout history is the most large-scale flock before camera lens of fluoroscopy of ray of mode · X returns to Rebellion, ever said for fun, will on June 11 game of E3 2019 PC exhibited before dawn at 1 o’clock on announce ” did not announce heavyweight to be made newly ” , it seems should be this work.

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