” final illusion 15 ” caption of Chinese of former voice of Japanese of lengthen edition prevue

Bahamute brought stage intermediary ” final illusion 15 ” lengthen edition prevue, japanese former voice, chinese caption. If those who cross English edition look only before you, might as well the Chinese edition prevue after look look passes an interpreter.

” final illusion 15 ” use without seam open world design, the player can be explored freely in wide world. Because the map is too old, carry providing is affirmative little not. Besides the racing bike of leading role, in video our discovery still can take Liu Hangdiao, the vehicle such as private You Lun. This making will have dynamic time and weather system. In wide world, you can appreciate different landforms environment, include a prairie, busy streets, forest, cavern is waited a moment.

Behavioral war side, the player can pass through simple operation in game, the ability of place of weapon penetrate into can move for an instant after exert throws away a weapon, be called change move. The player also can jump to altitude to dive next the movement such as attack ground enemy comes freely battlefield, enjoy unprecedented frank action. Still have the call weapon that can alternate all sorts of weapons have a fight in time in addition ability and with teammate the luxuriant skill of an exert is atttacked together, the blackart that is affected by weather and landform and presence of call god stage help the element of the battle.

” final illusion 15 ” traditional Chinese edition on September 30, 2016 put on sale, price 468 Hongkong dollar (add up to a RMB about 389 yuan) , luxurious edition 698 Hongkong dollar (add up to RMB 581 about yuan) , edition of final standard Tibet 2180 Hongkong dollar (add up to RMB 1816 about yuan) . Detail of more purchase in advance, click here.

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