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Live at ordinary times in the center, extract juice of a few fruits with juicer vegetable perhaps juice, often have to the healthy dispute of the bodyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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For, such dietary method not only can promote the action that reduce weight, also conduce to the body absorbing at the same time vitamin and mineral, can extract a few cider, orange juice, carrot juice is waited a moment, can produce very good health care effect.

Juicer nutrition cookbook is recommended greatly

1, healthy cider

A half apple extracts one most fruit juice, broken bits is very good!

Extract juice to take care:

1, should choose brittlenessForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Apple, powdery apple gives juice very few oh.

2, an apple when extracting juice cuts 8 flake left and right sides;

3, the apple extracts juice need not flay, flay gives juice rate to be able to be reduced.

Juicer nutrition cookbook is recommended greatly

2, delicate orange juice

2 orange one cup juice

Extract juice to take care:

1, orange belt skin gives juice rate to be able to be increased, and nutrition is met better

2, flay orange is extracted juice wrings mud easily and lower rate giving juice, with the apple or vegetables and fruits of other much fiber mixes extract juice, can solve this problem.

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Juicer nutrition cookbook is recommended greatly

3, nutrient carrot juice

2 carrot extract most cup juice

Extract juice caution:

1, carrot is harder, when extracting juice, cut the strip with big big toe, can compare save effort;

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2, carrot broken bits1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Can use 2 times, if wrap dumpling, steamed stuffed bun,wait. :

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