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Everybody compares extravagant hopes delicate food, because food can satisfy the body requirement of people, satisfy psychological requirement at the same time, and delicate food is varied, each areas have have representative cate, for example, hotpot soup is a kind of more delicate Shang Pin, hotpot soup looks to make a method do below? Look below explain.

Does hotpot soup make a method how be done?

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One, of hotpot choose

Hotpot cent is goat flesh and Jie hotpot two kinds, wether is the fair sheep that ligation crosses. Goat flesh is qualitative slightly old, sheep meat meat is qualitative fine. The adipose hotpot that compare hill is tall.

Goat flesh belongs to cool sex, do not suit puerpera and the person that fall ill to eat, sheep flesh belongs to hot sex flesh, alimentary into fill.

When the home warms hotpot boiling water, the proposal chooses costal region cling to place, it is daily the mutton chop that we say. When buying, choose chop width as far as possible narrow, this kind of Yang Ling is small, the flesh is qualitative tenderer. Outside hotpotForum of Shanghai night net

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The watch is adipose and even, adipose layer is too not thick. The fluctuation when buying is leafed through, undesirable businessman can be in costal region cling to check point hides posse adipose not purify, add weight. Let businessman chop become small finally.

Does hotpot soup make a method how be done?

2, of hotpot clean

Hotpot is rinsed clean with running water first, put with a small Chinese prickly ash next coolShanghai Long Feng forum

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Water, put hotpot bowl inside, immerse half hours purify smell of mutton.

Take out immersing hotpot, change cold water afresh, discharge the sheep, conflagration boils the flesh.

Does hotpot soup make a method how be done?

3, begin to boil the flesh

When boiler leaves quickly, can haveShanghai night net

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Foam of a dust-colour float floats come up, this belongs to hematic foam, delay an edge to be cast aside with ladle. Need is cast aside on a few times. Notice to cannot churn, if fluctuation tuck diveseethe churns, the flesh changes easily to often be chewed character do not move. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Still have a kind of method, open fire a few times repeatedly namely, foam can be compared float completely come up.

4, put condiment

What hotpot soup won’t cast aside completely is clean, turn small fire, put twoFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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A ten 34 green, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, anise. Build upper cover. Small fire boil

5, the hand catchs the flesh to had been boiled

Small Zhi family expenses is average boiler boils the flesh, general small chop boils 20 minutes a hour or so. Fish out a prelibation, love eats have those who chew interest, can boil less a little while. The home has an old person, the age of a draught animal as shown by its teeth bad or it is to love to eat the meat a bit soddener, can boil a little while more, nevertheless mutton chop suggests some chew interest, the meeting is very delicious.

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