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Now in the society, nephritic disease has been the another big disease that endangers human health. A lot of people have the disease of nephritic respect. Nephritic disease needs to pass dialytic will treat. And the item that the attention needs during nephritic disease is dialytic is very much also, food needs to notice more. Nephritic ill patient needs to run food strictly, once dietary occurrence question is right its harm is very great. So nephritic disease is dialytic food consults everybody can understand cookbook.

Nephrosis is dialytic dietary reference cookbook

One, dialytic patient nutrition absorbs kidney referenced      

1) protein — absorb right amount high grade albumen.

2) quantity of heat — absorb enough quantity of heatSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, water portion reachs salinity- – dialytic in the burden that will add heart circulatory system except water in great quantities

4) potassium — disease of tall blood Potassium is the cause that causes a heart to stop suddenly, reason should undertake going to fruit and vegetable potassium processing

5) phosphor — continuously tall blood phosphor can cause bone molten, reason1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Should control phosphor absorb.

Nephrosis is dialytic dietary reference cookbook

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Dialytic diet note

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1, dialytic patient two dialytic between gain weight does not exceed 5% , weight has grown many, dialytic when need more dehydrate exceeding filter, impose heavy heart burden. Amalgamative haveShanghai Long Feng forum

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Make water little, oedema, hypertensive, heart declines the blood that wait appears a patient, must control the amount that drink water strictly; Maintain a gender dialytic patient is general and daily make water of eve of = of the quantity that drink water is measured + 500ml, food water content also requires calculation inside, carry momentum increases perspire relatively a long time can increase 200ml again. Dialytic patient waters small doohickey: Water cup has scale, in a planned way waters; To reduce thirsty feeling, should avoid drink strong tea, strong coffee, lemon can be joined in drink piece or field mint leaf, also but ice cube of partial drink make it, contain in the mouth.

Nephrosis is dialytic dietary reference cookbook

2, quantity of heat is supplied need amply

Dialytic patient quantity of heat is absorbed should enough, need 35 kilocalorie everyday / every kilograms of weight. Quantity of heat basically is mixed from carbohydrate adipose in absorb, answer to be given priority to with compound carbohydrateForum of Shanghai noble baby

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the main source that the not saturated fatty acid that carbohydrate and vegetable oil give priority to is energy. Eat the food that contains a lot ofsaturated fatty acid less, wait like skin of animal fat, fat pork, chicken.

3, food of high grade albumen

Because of dialytic when partial protein can be lost along with dialytic fluid, dialytic patient should increase to be absorbed proteinly appropriately, everyday intake is 1.2 grams / every kilograms of weight. Protein should be given priority to with animal albumen, wait like egg white, milk, fish, lean lean, fowl, its are indispensible amino acid content is higher, namely we are so called high grade albumen. Want to feed vegetable protein less, wait like all sorts of corn, legume goods, its are contained blame is indispensible amino acid is more, cannot satisfy human body need.

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