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Bloat duck’s egg is a kind first-rateShanghai noble baby

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Eating cate, and bloat the mouthfeel of duck’s egg is first-rate, flavour Xian Xiang, nutrient value is very high also, a lot of dot like to will bloat duck’s egg should do snacks to eat. Bloat the practice of duck’s egg actually not complex, the most distinctly need to put certain amount insideSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Liquor, such bloating the flavour of duck’s egg just is met more delicious. So, bloat duck’s egg should put how many white spirit after allForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Bloat duck's egg puts how many white spirit

One, 50 duck’s egg put souse a jin of liquor is much

Much, 50 duck’s egg, have 1~2 two liquor can. Put 1 jin of white spirit, wineShanghai Long Feng forum

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Flavour is too heavy.

2, bloat duck’s egg puts how many white spirit

This should see you probably how many salty egg, bloat salty egg 10 jins word, put white spirit of a jin of height, bloat the porcelain jar that the egg uses must be cleanedLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Clean, iron with boiled water again air ability is used, brine also should be burned, refrigeration puts porcelain kettle again to normal temperature, the egg also should be cleaned clean, the ability after air is put into brine.

Bloat duck's egg puts how many white spirit

3, bloat the method of salty duck’s egg

1, water bloats law

50 duck’s egg world is put after abluent air inside. Reoccupy the salt of 750 grams and right amount Chinese prickly ash, fennel, add clear water boil, cool world is entered after appearing inside (with just flooding bright egg advisable) . Close together finally ground seals good altar mouth. Boil via can be being taken out after 20 days feed. If want to make yoke much give oil, the white spirit that can add 50-100 to overcome in brine can.

Bloat duck's egg puts how many white spirit

2, wrap slimy law

duck’s egg 50 abluent hind air is stand-by. 850 grams add reoccupy salt attack tea 250 grams, add unripe rice 250 grams, concentrated juice is boiled to make an appointment with 200 milliliter on flourishing fire. this kind Xian Chazhi is mixed finally 75 grams pour yellow rice or millet wine into Huang Ni together or red1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Mix in mud divide evenly, even ground wraps the whole body of full duck’s egg, load coal tub inside sealed. Can take out after a month boil feed. OK also first duck’s egg abluent air, reoccupy boiled water becomes parched laterite very hot dip mushy. In slimy paste duck’s egg the whole body is wrapped full, two end dip in close canister mouth is sealed in kettle is being put after coal tub salt is being put after salt. Can take out after half month boil feed.

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