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The youth likes to eat barbecue particularly, when everybody is doing barbecue to eat, general metropolis adds oil, and meeting choice pork, beef and hotpot will do barbecue to eat, very apparent, such meeting having a way is brought about absorb much energy, eating barbecue so so gain flesh easily, the person in reducing weight, want to take the word of barbecue very much again, can do barbecue Lenten will eat, the baking law with Lenten barbecue is as follows.

Is barbecue Lenten how to bake delicious?

Is barbecue Lenten how to bake delicious?

The vegetable that bake and flesh are same, oil must be brushed when be being worn on, paper easily otherwise and dry.

[yam] small fire is baked slow, bake extremely golden

Cut yam thick 1cm, reoccupy salt bloats be soiled 3 ~ 5 minutes, help tasty, put in small fire department, bake become golden to skin color, the area searchs after having oozy and a bit mucus, bake this a mucus again, can brush in two sides on thin thin sesame oil, tastily preserve one’s health appetizing!

[onion] the Yue Jiuyue that bake sweet

Insert onion first on toothpick again section becomes 1cm ply, avoid to come loose, put on the slow fire with inferior heat, every 2 minutes search an area 1 times, bake 5 ~ 10 minutes, bake longer the bitter taste that can let onion becomes weak, sweet taste promotion.

Is barbecue Lenten how to bake delicious?

[apricot Bao stay of proceedings] section is baked, after giving water, break up quickly 3 second

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apricot Bao stay of proceedingsA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Section makes an appointment with 0.3cm ply, put in conflagration place, 5 seconds search an area 1 times, if be put in small fire department, criterion 10 seconds search an area 1 times, till till apricot Bao stay of proceedings gives water entirely, the delicate recipe of small grand is in water cent still does not have dryForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Previously, turn over 2 ~ 3 times quickly again, can chain water is divided for an instant, the proposal enjoys raw ingredient, also can scatter on salt is carriedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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[corn bamboo shoot] go the head goes end, take crust leaf is baked

Go to corn bamboo shoot the head goes end, and crust leaf ” part ” unplug, because be like,unplug completely, appear easily outside bake the cent that do not have water, ripe state still is done not have however inside, the corn bamboo shoot that so small grand suggests to will been handled contains crust part to be baked anxious drop, outside divesting again, housing bakes about 1 minute namely1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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But edible.

Is barbecue Lenten how to bake delicious?

[corn] cut first paragraph, before baking, with brine quick-boil is ironed

Cut corn first 5cm of paragraph of about 3 ~ , iron 1 minute with briny quick-boil, can add special flavor, also make corn better bake ripe, put in small fire department again, every 10 seconds flip through, bake about 3 minutes, but butter of besmear of the side side that bake, add special flavor.

Xianggu mushroom: Fresh Xianggu mushroom, big, cent becomes 4, wear rise bake, want to be baked with bad news oil. Can bake paste a little a bit. The oil that use waste time need not put salt.

Tomato patch: Should cut thin bake, break up frequentlyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, otherwise outside papered among still do not have ripe. Salad oil is good.

Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings: Wash clean, root ministry wants cut away, wear bake in root ministry, also be bad news oil more delicious.

Green pepper: The flesh tastes thickly have mouthfeel quite, bad news oil, salad oil but.

Yam: Wrap 2 with tinfoil paper, not 2 want sealed good, do not have the place that meets fully, bury in charcoal fire to bake. Meet fully or, regular meeting does not have a law burntly to eat. 2 what comparative is delicate.

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